Welcome to Sekupang International Ferry Terminal Welcome to Sekupang International Ferry Terminal

Travel Tips

Book your trip
You are recommended to book your ferry in advance in order to ensure your seats are available.
Commonly, smart travelers from Singapore will have book their return trip upon their arrival. But if you are not from Singapore, we strongly suggest you to call or email your to book your trip prior to departure date. Please contact your ferry operator provider to do so.
Check-in & Boarding Pass collection
Below documents are required during your check in or boarding pass collection:
  • Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity.
  • Valid visa to enter Singapore.
  • Re-entry visa to Singapore where applicable.
please check this link for the countries list Visa Requirements

Please check your boarding pass for any error upon collection. Any wrong data may cause you stuck in the immigration which end up to miss the ferry.
Pre-immigration gate close 15 mins before ferry departure time.
Please present your boarding pass and passport at pre-immigration gate for verification.

If you are late, please proceed to the check in counter for next available departure.

Passport and Boarding Pass are needed for baggage check-in:
All baggage taken on board the ferry will be subject to screening by terminal security. Passengers should not pack any weapons, combustible items, explosive materials, toxic or other dangerous substances into their baggage. Passengers may be required to have their checked baggage undergo further security screening if deemed necessary.
The trip from Sekupang to HarbourFront Center will take only 45 minutes. Upon arrival, you will be leaded to immigration and baggage screening area. Exit from these points, you may like to feel Singapore air. Below are things you may like to carry:
  • Sun Glasses - Singapore is usually bright and sunny.
  • Umbrella - there is some precipitation throughout the year. However, the rain does not last long (usually).
  • Shorts/Half Trousers - Singapore is hot and humid. Although air-conditioning is available in all public transport (except a few public buses) and almost all internal areas, it is advisable to carry some light clothing. Do note that some places of worship may require visitors to dress conservatively.
  • Sweater - the malls and museums' air conditioning can get cold - though usually this is a welcome relief from the heat.
  • Mosquito repellent - In more remote areas there are mosquitos, otherwise they have been mostly eradicated from Singapore. Dengue fever is a particular problem in this part of the world, so be aware.
Safety & Emergency
Singapore is one of the safest major cities in the world by virtually any measure. Most people, including single female travelers, will not face any problems walking along the streets alone at night. But as the local police say, "low crime does not mean no crime" — beware of pickpockets in crowded areas and don't forget your common sense entirely. Specifically, the areas around Clarke Quay and Arab Street are known to harbour violent gangs that target (generally) expatriate men in the early hours of the morning.
  • Ambulance ☎ 995
  • Fire ☎ 995
  • Police (Main number for Emergency Services) ☎ 999
  • Singapore General Hospital ☎ +65 6222 3322
  • Drug & Poison Information Centre ☎ +65 6423 9119