Welcome to Sekupang International Ferry Terminal Welcome to Sekupang International Ferry Terminal

Leaving Batam

Baggage Clearance

Baggage will collected at arranged pick up area after immigration clearance. All baggage will be screened by terminal security. Passengers may be required to have their checked baggage undergo further security screening if deemed necessary. Please note that any weapons, combustible items, explosive materials, toxic or other dangerous substances is prohibited against Indonesia law.

Ferry porter services are very helpful. The porters will assist to clear your baggage for you to pick up. It’s Free of Charge.

However, if you are requesting the porters to carry your baggage or belongings to the taxi or car, tips will be good for them.

Sekupang Interantional Ferry Terminal is strongly advise you to carefully check your belongings, baggage with the receipt and not leaving any behind.

Sekupang International Ferry Terminal shall not be held liable for:
  • Water damage to baggage.
  • Damage to the baggage exterior, such as scratches, dents, stains or fixtures (e.g. handles, wheels).
  • Loss of any undeclared items.
  • Loss or damage of items in unsuitably packed or unsecured baggage.